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Language Computeer

Fists of irony

love, play & inquiry
6 March 1975
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I am a graduate student in Linguistics in the Pacific Northwest.

I grew up in Atlanta, GA (poncey-highlands, around the corner from L5P), then spent time in Providence, RI and Ithaca NY (down by the police station -- hey, I said by) before moving out here.

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LaTeX, 7±2, academia, action girl, activism, adult swim, alan moore, alliteration, alternate history, amy unbounded, anti-oppression, anti-racism, anti-war, arrested development, arundhati roy, bill of rights, campus crusade for cthulhu, capitalism, carla speed mcneil, castle waiting, cats, chynna clugston-major, civil liberties, code switching, codex seraphinianus, comic books, computational linguistics, connotation, consensus, corpus linguistics, cpan, daler mehndi, damian conway, debian, democracy, democracy now, democratic socialism, denotation, dj krush, dj shadow, douglas hofstadter, eat the rich, etymology, feminism, fictive kin, free palestine, free software, free speech, geeks, girl genius, graduate school, harlan ellison, hating ayn rand, hayao miyazaki, hip-hop, howard zinn, idioms, independent media, indymedia, inequity, italo calvino, jews against the occupation, jim jarmusch, johnny cash, jorge luis borges, kage baker, katamari damacy, language, languages, larry gonick, larry wall, latex2e, league of anti-snark voters, leftist, libraries, linda medley, linguistics, linguists, linux, live girls! theater, logorrhea, love and rockets, machine translation, mandarin chinese, margaret atwood, neil gaiman, nerds, noam chomsky, not having a car, octavia butler, open-source, palestine, paraphrase, pattern matching, perl, philip k. dick, pj harvey, pro-choice, public access, public domain, public enemy, public transit, radical, rahzel, redistribution of wealth, revolution, samuel r. delany, science fiction, scrabble, seattle, social justice, socialized medicine, sociolinguistics, spearhead, stanislaw lem, strategic antonomasia, structured language model, talib kweli, terry pratchett, text hallucinations, the checkbox tyranny resistance, the nation, they might be giants, tom tomorrow, tom waits, totoro, translation, typography, urban planning, ursula k. leguin, ursula le guin, usagi yojimbo, warren ellis, white privilege, whiteness studies, wim wenders, word play, zap mama, 中文