love, play & inquiry (trochee) wrote,
love, play & inquiry

first day of classes

and so begins a new academic year. I had my first class since the spring today. I did right by bringing a lab notebook to this class about experimental phonetics and phonology; halfway through class, the professor announces that he expects everybody to be using stitched quad-rule lab notebooks for the class, because "that's what a grant would insist on, and sometimes they audit. get used to it." I just had that idea last week.

and there were some interesting people in the class that I didn't already know, including an undergrad (another one, xaosenkosmos!) who's a math/linguistics double major. She seems pretty sharp.

This class is focused on improving our ability and comfort with the traditional experimental method (often lacking in much of linguistics), and started with the thought experiment:

how many times do you push the button at a crosswalk?
update: why?
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