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[eggcorn sighting]: "out of bounce"

I've found another eggcorn.

In the documentation from how to create panoramic views from multiple digital photographs on Linux:

Click on a significant point in the picture on the left, then look for the same point in the image on the right. If your second click is out of bounce Hugin will tell you so and you can reclick.
(emphasis mine). Surprisingly, this phrase gets very few gHits (647 gHits), but it seems to be used as a pun on the first few links. (The standard "out of bounds" receives 318 KgHits, which suggests that "out of bounce" is not about to catch on as a reanalysis.) However, the fourth link Google suggests is from a Java user group, using "array out of bounce" (heh!) and the sixth is flag football rules, where "the last minute of each half being stop time if the player goes out of bounce", and the eleventh is this editing horror: "A basketball player purports to of been dissapointed when, at a critical time, a misteak made the ball go out of bounce", which turns out to be a writing professor stunting a la Richard Lederer, so it has been observed in the wild before.

This eggcorn sees to follow the standard pattern: a phrase that is non-compositional or completely-lexicalized to at least some speakers (I suspect this Linux programmer didn't see the word "bounds" as a word like "boundary"), who reanalyze it to some other homophone or near-homophone.

Eggcorns are marvelous stuff, and they turn up everywhere.

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