love, play & inquiry (trochee) wrote,
love, play & inquiry

Fruity day

I spent yesterday fruiting. Okay, I wasn't fruiting, but I was taking advantage of a number of deciduous plants in the area that were fruiting. [Why can't I say fruiting here -- berrying is okay...].

At 10 am, the local Vietnamese church started up with their seasonal outdoor festivals, which seem to involve thousands of watts of amplification and poorly-trained singing -- I can't chalk all of the mismatches up to a tone-language and a harmonic scale I'm not familiar with. It's just not possible that it's that bad.

Luckily, A. had planned a blueberry-picking expedition and invited a lot of people. This expedition overlapped directly with a large regional music festival, so only a few people came along with us.

K. and A. and I picked 12 pounds of blueberries in about half an hour -- mostly K. and I, because A.'s arms and hands are acting up again, and we got to see a few friends (including some tech activist folks).

We came back to the house, after dropping off a present for a friend of A.'s, and made blueberry crisp and played board games with A's boss (V) and a friend of hers (M); A. took off halfway through because she was late for a dinner date with S., which was awkward for the boardgames, but once K. and I had successfully ushered V & M out, the house was ours again. K. and I picked plums from the tree in our backyard, using an ingenious device designed and built last year by _dkg_ and lapartera, which involves about ten feet of light, strong PVC piping, the bottom half of a 3-liter clear plastic soda bottle, and a goodwill fork. We picked nearly 100 plums, and wound up making five jars of syrup and fruit mash -- it was originally intended to be jam, but the fruit was too ripe and sweet. I'm not really complaining -- plum syrup over pancakes sounds pretty good to me.

The VCC kept up their gala -- louder and louder, it seemed -- for hours. At 7, the sun started to set, and they cranked it up louder. At 9, I called the local police number:
"Police and fire."
"I'd like to make a noise complaint."
"oh, between [street] and [street], roughly between [avenue] and [avenue]. I think it's the Vietnamese Catholic church; they've been doing highly-amplified karaoke for something like eleven hours."
The dispatcher laughed once, and answered immediately., "right, well, they have a permit until 10:00 tonight."

I guess I wasn't the only one calling to make a complaint. At least they only do this once or twice a year. I spent the next hour counting down the minutes.

[UPDATE: at 10:15 this morning they started again. I have got to get out of the house...]
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