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Twitterlog for the week of 2011-06-05

  • Living room reading corner. I love the light here. #
  • Yes, this IS a baseball signed by Chomsky. A graduation gift from my aunt. #
  • Seattle weather comes to visit San Francisco (@ San Francisco Caltrain Station) #
  • .@KevinBMcGowan has a brilliant PI and does great PR for their joint research: #
  • holy crap people: another lunatic attacking bikes with a car. Attn @sfbc, can we catch this dude like yesterday please? #
  • Oops. Hacked the security guy's presentation at work. Eggs on faces all around. #
  • standards nerds (@soypunk @hober @jessnevins ?) may enjoy this deliberately bass ackwards 'splainer of 'cal 9 1752' #
  • Ugh, it's horrible watching suicide updates in real time from @caltrain #
  • Yes, it's true — @imtboo & I are moving back to the Emerald City. Many details to work out, but short version: SFO→SEA, 2011/09 #
  • There is a straight line from Peanuts → Calvin & Hobbes → "Cul de Sac". Here: accurate forays into steganopragmatics: #
  • Euro folks &c: know an Irish linguist (ally) with a spare couch? @maryam_bakht is couchsurfing Dublin and/or Limerick this weekend. #
  • There really is a "Fairy & Human Relations Congress" : hippies with all the naming pizzazz of the UNHRC
    (h/t @eldang) #
  • No, drunk Giants fan on Caltrain. This is BIKE CAR; thus not your personal piss spot. Had it been labeled "butthead car", maybe better luck. #
  • At home with cloudy weather on a Friday evening playing guitar and drinking a beer. Not exactly living large but it'll do. #
  • Oy. Left laptop outside front door after taking it off my bike when I got home. Luckily wife found it before trash pickers did. #iamanidiot #

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