love, play & inquiry (trochee) wrote,
love, play & inquiry

Here come the twits

In brief:
  • 21:12 fun rock! found via Angry Black Woman post. [also, Dobson's not afraid to have biceps. hott!] ♫ #
  • 12:33 Chris Sims covers Kick-Ass (comic and movie) in 60 sec in crayon, neatly covering why I don't want to see it #
  • 13:02 via @imtboo "Croatian teen wakes fm coma, speaks fluent German" // key detail: studied German ante, lost all Croatian #
  • 15:14 RT @jsmooth995 Reading this open letter by two soldiers from the unit in the "Collateral Murder" video #
  • 15:30 Icelandic morphology pranks Anglophones: eyebreaker Eyja+fjalla+jökull means Island+Mountain+Glacier (roughly "the Mt Island Snowpack") #

I often use twitter to mention what's happening or linkdump. I LT here for posterity.

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