love, play & inquiry (trochee) wrote,
love, play & inquiry

a question for Perl-wonks

For the techies in my readers list:

I am looking at mechanisms for persistence of a fairly large, but potentially-expirable, data pool -- for simplicity, suppose it's recent livejournal entries. (no, I'm not writing a livejournal client! just an example).

I am building tools that want to know about recent activity, but might also sometimes want to look at the recent history; yet I'd only like to invoke the tool from a cron-job or something similar.

I've just discovered Apache::Session -- and though that's designed for web use, it seems like it might be a good choice anyway. But there's also Cache, Cache::Cache, and CHI -- any experience on whether one or another of these is the thing to go with? Looks like the last of these is the most recently updated, which is either a sign that it's the best material or that it's the latest reinvention of the wheel.

So: any recommendations on a data-cacheing class for a repeated invocation of the same process, such that it can "remember" what's been done before?
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