love, play & inquiry (trochee) wrote,
love, play & inquiry

graphic design layout advice sought

I will be writing a poster for the LSA conference in a few weeks.

My results for the poster aren't all finished yet, but I would like it to look sharp. I don't have (or want) Powerpoint, and I'm working on my entirely-adequate Ubuntu laptop for nearly everything I'm working on.

So do any of you have suggestions for a good layout tool that will be able to mix graphical design and text layout? This poster will probably be a mixture of diagrams, tables, and prose. I could probably coerce LaTeX into doing something, but I'd rather use something like the old PageMaker .

those of you who know it -- is Scribus ready for prime time? I would consider Inkscape, but it seems a little too close to the graphics end -- flowing text into a paragraph there seems difficult. (this is an academic poster, not a wheat-paste poster, so the ability to modify text easily while I'm still developing the poster design feels important to me).

Does Scribus work for any of you? Any alternative suggestions for accessible (open source?) poster design tools?
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