love, play & inquiry (trochee) wrote,
love, play & inquiry

So much going on right now.

I'm coming to some big things with boobirdsfly, regarding knowing that I have (and I am) enough -- and then going beyond "enough" into the creation of new things: love, creation, and play: extra, beyond enough. It is good. It feels unfamiliar, and sometimes that's scary (sad!) but it's good.

Seattle Dorkbot's art show "People Doing Strange Things With Electricity" is opening Saturday night. I've been working hard -- though not as hard as some of the others there. I've been seeing my role as an un-sticker: when someone's art installation isn't working (or hanging from the wall or ceiling, as appropriate), I get to find out who can help them get unstuck -- or unstick them myself, but mostly the former. The art is so neat. I spent a good twenty minutes last night cooling a beer against the electrically-frozen fish [sculpture].

Work continues -- I've just finished a big push on feature generation for a certain machine-translation task. that's great, but I'm taking a breath right now.

Also, this is finals week; I had the last French quiz of the quarter today, but final exam is Saturday morning. Saturday morning will be kinda crazy: 8:30am French exam, 10am tennis class (if I can make it), then off to the Dorkbot space to help prepare for the opening.
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