love, play & inquiry (trochee) wrote,
love, play & inquiry

happily busy

haven't posted much. Still at the lab because I've had a busy day in and out of the office.

Lots going on, but good stuff! boobirdsfly and I have mailed our save-the-date cards (well, most of them).

I spent several hours on Sunday cleaning out our oversized closet. It could really be a small office; boobirdsfly has half-joked about making it into a darkroom and I'm not so sure it couldn't. She and I went for a nice walk after I was done, to enjoy the first day of spring -- strictly speaking, it was the fifth or so, but meteorologically we hadn't had any sun at all, so it was nice to walk out around Capitol Hill and Volunteer Park as the sun set.

I'm making slow progress on my generals paper. At least there's progress. I'm making more progress with Okami (thanks for nothing, blackwingedboy!), but -- more seriously -- it's a great game and I haven't been wasting all my time with it, merely enjoying the time I do spend. boobirdsfly asked me about what was happening in the game, and I cracked her up because I apparently delivered a psychological assessment of myself by describing the process: ("I'm currently collecting icons of evil -- e.g. the Lips of Ice -- to summon the demon Orochi in order to defeat him.")

French class has begun again today with the new quarter; my instructor is a fellow linguistics grad student; since I'm taking the class pass-fail this is not a conflict or even a big deal -- I barely know him. The class looks like continued fun too; I discovered today that the text we're using originated as an FSL text used in France, which explains why the English in the text is so limited -- and why it feels so practical and useful.

Back to work for another few minutes, then home!

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