love, play & inquiry (trochee) wrote,
love, play & inquiry

[seattle] April Dorkbot

Call for talks: April Dorkbot is Lightning Dork!
Wednesday, April 4, 7:30pm

Ten speakers.
Two heats.
Five minutes each.

April's Dorkbot is all about short-takes. Five minute talks, from ten
speakers. We'll keep the timers, and you (or your favorite artists)
give the talks.

Do you have a project underway? Do you have an idea that's too great
to keep quiet, but too half-baked to make into a full Dorkbot
presentation? Talk to me, Jeremy (trochee at gmail dot com) or any other
Seattle Dork Overlord THIS WEEK.

A few projects already on deck -- you could be among these:

Electric Fish
Molecular Gastronomy
War Cycling
Desert Oracles
Rethinking Bipedalism

All we need is YOU, and your art+geek ideas.

if you'd like to give a talk, I need
* a one-sentence name of the talk
* your name
* a few sentences saying what your talk is about
* a few sentences saying who you are (to help us introduce you)
* an idea of the media you'll involve (digital slides, a close-up
camera, etc)


* A giant clock -- we'd really like a big countdown clock (digital
display, or analog with a second hand), settable to 5:00 countdowns
for each speaker and readable across the presentation space. (One
can't usually expect to get this from a mailing list, but
dorkbotsea-blabber is a pretty amazing group!)

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