November 17th, 2012


November surprises

Two weeks I saw Argo [highly recommended!] and that made me remember the 1980 October Surprise controversies, which were hecka confusing to a five-year-old at the time.  I have my own November — or possibly early December — surprise coming: I’m about to become a dad, and I’m, well, 80% enthusiastic and about 20% terrified. Reminders that most of the world does this, at half my age, are welcome.

Please send bottled sleep, if you have any around; I’m trying to stockpile.

I’ve been too busy with my not-so-new job (I’ve been there ten months, commuting all the way across greater Seattle) and other things [see below] to write anything longform here, but I swing by now and then to clean out the spamtraps.  And — as today — to free-associate a little.

I believe I’ve changed the settings to no longer post twitter-logs here. If you miss my weekly twitter-log updates (why would you?) you can read my twitter feed directly or read a mirror of it on this blog.



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