October 7th, 2012


Twitterlog for the week of 2012-10-07

  • "Burton Quim, founder of ex-gay ministry Overcome…" #aptronym #seriously #seriously #
  • academy is strange. “live-tweeting at conferences is a form of neoliberalism…“ why NOT share your ideas? http://t.co/VOF650uu via @Yendi #
  • At UW CSE department, waiting for Carlos Guestrin talk on GraphLab. Expected to see more peeps I know, but here's a few. #
  • Eight years ago, went on mostly-blind date with @imtboo . Today, we await our son. She's Best Thing Ever for me, among many awesome things. #
  • 7:35p C: full; grudging when pushy boarder (me) tells “yeah yer Seattleites & don't like talking to each other; MOVE BACK“ @westseattleblog #
  • Gates: "measuring software in LOC is like measuring an airplane by weight." Today I removed 40Mb of code from master. #git #airborne #
  • Co-worker just told me to change my business card to read 'Software Amputect'. #negativeLoC #
  • C line completely jammed. Not even standing room at 2nd & Columbia at 6 pm. @kcmetrobus, we need roughly DOUBLE this capacity at rush hour. #
  • Combined insights from @jim_adler & @imtboo into new insight (what probably only makes sense to me): "curiosity is the dual of play". #
  • …I got a bad feeling about this. :-[ #
  • Oh, man. I wish I could read THIS Fantastic Four. Sounds amazing & fun. (Also, Sue is the leader!) http://t.co/WxqKsKP1 #

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