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Language Computeer
Fists of irony
  • Heartbreaking loss for the Throttle Rockets in the very last jam. But who'd've thought I'd be mistaken for Prince at the afterparty? #
  • phoneticians & praat-icians: bop to this catchy video to practice transcribing ingressives & clicks http://t.co/D8idVsD8 via @angryzenmaster #
  • Time-lost gender-bent Cyberman guerilla reinserting into 1921 Reality Prime via @bruces < Wired < Italian silent cinema http://t.co/RDZxeInK in reply to bruces #
  • Today, @streetcrow seems to have joined the nouveau riche. Congrats, I guess! RT @streetcrow: "Chandelier. Grip. Swing swing swing swing" #
  • Man stranded in the desert, makes a motorcycle from his broken car http://t.co/QuaNf0Zv: some mad max science hero here via @dorkbotsea #

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