April 29th, 2012


Twitterlog for the week of 2012-04-29

  • Previous RT links to article about mathematical separability measures by a dude named "Jeremy Kun" #Iamnotmakingthisup #
  • Attention coders: calling a regular expression "xxx_reggie" is NOT CUTE and makes you sound like a twit. #messagestothepast #
  • OH: "there's only two answers: either they don't know how, or they know better." #themoneyisinwhichone #
  • I wish @nlp_class wasn't relaxing grading metric on PA5; avoiding infinite perplexity IS that important. #smoothing4life #nozerosnoapologies #
  • "stop reacting so emotionally": the battle cry of defensive, unexamined privilege. #autocracy @bengoldacre #
  • Klouchebag score for @trochee: 37, or 'a bit of a prat'. http://t.co/37Wj8Cbq — what, just a *bit*? #

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