April 15th, 2012


Twitterlog for the week of 2012-04-15

  • Woo! 80% speedup by importing the "fastFoo" library instead of vanilla Foo. #badnamingprinciple #goodcodingpractice #
  • Cool: http://t.co/CGgQn9nu tweet your CS paper. via @redpony. I agree we need this track at ACL. #
  • Berkeley mom-focused hackerspace seeks hackers; offers child care while you hack. Cool! http://t.co/DqxenQpf #
  • hm. @nlp_class homework is less fun when I'm skating just ahead of the deadline. No time to really investigate what's broken. #
  • oops, never mind. sign wrong in my eval function. That's better… #
  • How did I not know @streetcrow before now? (h/t @wpmcn; attn @blackwingedboy). Hey, #FF all of them! #
  • Oy. Sharing a bus seat with a coked-up, lycra-clad cyclist talking 100mph on cell between sniffle and spastic fidget. #

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