March 18th, 2012


Twitterlog for the week of 2012-03-18

  • "How would you humans like it if we called you… single-origin flesh golems?" #
  • we need this in the NLP world too! #
  • *grumblemutterspit* not *THAT* NLP, dammit. #
  • MT @kathrynschulz: "…chess, poker & Jeopardy. [next] at crosswords?" "Not cryptics!" (@cairdin via @bgzimmer) but I have PLANS there. in reply to cairdin #
  • Aboard the Rachel Marie, King County Water Taxi #
  • Happy half-tau day, everybody! #
  • "Why I am leaving the Empire" (@slate via @yaaang) #
  • Won a coffee card in company orientation for recognizing "this one goes to eleven" on marketer's presentation. #
  • Oh lord. Mike Daisey addressed the Frey question … some time ago. #someta #ithurts (h/t @kiplet) #
  • "[those] who had suppressed compassion … more likely [to] care less about being moral… Choosing not to be kind is a common experience." #
  • pro tip for recruiters: cold calls to a cell phone during business hours? tacky, tacky, tacky; also, embarrasses your poach targets. #
  • WTH, Seattle: snow?! In March? #
  • Said "Four" on Coursera NLP quiz (about text norm!); marked wrong. Retake: "4" marked correct. Robot grader not so good at text norm. #irony #
  • Oh, tweet about robot grader should have pinged @nlp_class (I still love you guys!) #
  • Avengers looks pretty, but hecka short on female roles. New game; I'll start: Charlize Theron for Cap. #GenderSwapTheAvengers #
  • Noomi Rapace: Loki. Jude Law: The Black, uh, Widower. Ellen Page as Hawkeye? #GenderSwapTheAvengers #

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