January 22nd, 2012


Twitterlog for the week of 2012-01-22

  • “@marnanel: Today I read about "wicked problems": http://t.co/PU4PFFCA” [and now I did too. A lot of software is wicked.] #
  • syck is available under the BSD license or the D&R license ("only after your own death, & we'll sue you anyway") https://t.co/P2teAY43 #
  • "we should leave our doors unlocked all the time just to save on the syllables." http://t.co/Q2MRGsYP (@wpmcn) #
  • Hayes Valley blackout this morning; terrible backups on Muni. Who knew so much depended on Wikipedia? #
  • Jon Stewart on the "nerd" congressional epithet (re: SOPA): "I think the word you're looking for is EXPERTS." http://t.co/13bSRs8W #
  • augh. Seattle snow has cancelled my flight; I am stuck in SFO to Saturday morning. #
  • anti-XML diatribe ("too much intelligence applied… malfunctioning, evil") in awesome interdisciplinary prose http://t.co/xVOJ3mmf (h/t @wm) #
  • warning, previous link includes very sharply-worded political ideals — and not just programmer politics. #funstuff #
  • BART delayed because of earthquake. Seriously. San Francisco loves me and never wants me to leave. #needy #stalker #ex #
  • On board at last: a 36 hour delay. #
  • This is not an aardvark. Outrage http://t.co/Owdq2rBx #

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