December 25th, 2011


Twitterlog for the week of 2011-12-25

  • I been under the weather all weekend: out of energy after two hours awake; 2 hr nap earns only 45 min more. No other symptoms. #
  • Today is "mansplaining sentiment analysis" day over at Corpora-L, where everybody who "wrote a REALLY BIG regex that one time" is an expert. #
  • Ugh. Four hours out enjoying the town with @imtboo and I'm down for a three hour nap. #sickofbeingsick #
  • Also, the talking nonsense upon awaking? Trippy but not cool, fever germs. Go away now. :-( #
  • In my fever I try to calculate the inverse proportion and intercept linking body temperature and IQ. #beingsickmakesyoustupid #

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