December 17th, 2011

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Dolphins are nifty — but not magical

I saw this, and thought others would find it interesting too.

… said one of the phoneticians at my alma mater. It’s a collection of rather fantastic claims about “dolphin language”, mixed with breathless praise for their affirming-the-consequent “Aqua Thought Foundation” (slogan might as well be “we already know dolphins are better than us”) and obfuscatory invented technical language (“bio-cymatic imaging”).  The most interesting result, though, is a claim, that I can’t really evaluate, to have discovered “Sono-Pictorial Exo-holographic Language” in dolphins.

I have to confess that I am extremely skeptical of the claims made here — most directly, I think that it might be the case that ”sono-pictorial exo-holographic” images are in fact transmissible from dolphin to dolphin: that is, one dolphin is capable of “replaying” to another dolphin a (sonic) image.

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