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Language Computeer
Fists of irony
  • Appropriately enough for my scrawny hetero semi-jock self: I am apparently a "Slim Straight Fit" in denim. #doubleentendresunday #
  • in honor of Columbus Day, I'm going to steal my friends' tweet ideas and claim them for the Queen of Spain. #
  • .@lintool @squarecog "semantics … are:" I'll go with "data … is" because data is rapidly becoming a mass-noun. in reply to lintool #
  • Eastern view. Lucky to live here. http://t.co/XxQ0vZpZ #
  • A very big deal: http://t.co/slnwToBn . Would be welcome, radical ("root-level") change to scientific reputation, publication, & research. #

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