September 25th, 2011


Twitterlog for the week of 2011-09-25

  • morning on phone w bank. thief tried to buy $2000 TV with my credit card at a Best Buy in Ottawa. Bank rejected, now reissuing card. PITA #
  • work @QuidLabs just served a pirate-themed dinner ("Aarrrugula salad" & Pirate Puttanesca &c). #avast #
  • I am not proud to be from Georgia today. #TroyDavis deserves better. So do we all. #
  • CNN: < when BOB BARR (of all people!) says it's too bloodthirsty you know it's too far (via @ebertchicago) #
  • Called all the Atlanta and Savannah numbers here to try to make a difference for #TroyDavis all busy. :-( #
  • I told Gov Deal's admin tht #TroyDavis #039; execution made me sad to be from GA. She said "well I'm glad you're not from here anymore"& hung up. #
  • NOT in my name. #TroyDavis #toomuchdoubt This is awful. I know it's the status quo; doesn't make it less awful. #
  • now I have to wonder if somebody had a road-to-damascus moment and refused to pull the trigger on #TroyDavis NO apparent stay. Confusing #
  • By delaying execution until SCOTUS issues hearing on reprieve, GA is putting #TroyDavis #039; blood on federal hands again. 'Murrika, how are ya. #
  • An amicus from the POTUS to the SCOTUS would have some weight, despite its Seussian quality. #TroyDavis deserves it. #
  • oh, that is a horrible anticlimax and injustice. The SCOTUS issues a "delay" & then… refuses to do anything while GA kills a man. #
  • it's not hard to guess which 5 "justices" [scare quotes used advisedly] would vote 'no'. I'm still amazed & horrified by it, though. #
  • Dismayed and saddened by #TroyDavis Not in my name. Not in OUR name. #dammit #
  • NYCers, (I think) note: RT @marthaburzynsk: "[...asking] for what I need; a new job, ideally as an office manager in a arts/ non-profit.” #
  • Go Rat City! watching them online at #
  • the Rat-City Denver bout is AMAZING but it's all penalties! Rat City pulling away on Denver based on jammer penalties. #derbynerd #
  • "Please GRAMMAR Don't Hurt 'Em", from @wonderella . Copy-editors & peevologists take note: #

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