September 4th, 2011


Twitterlog for the week of 2011-09-04

  • battening down in mid-coast Maine as the edge of tropical storm Irene comes through. Stay dry people! #
  • "In an odd base, a number is odd iff it has an odd number of odd digits." #noreally #math #
  • woo, our cottage has water on 4 sides right now, and another 25 minutes before we reach high tide. still dry, but waves are … dramatic #
  • “RT @CSEconomist: @dangillmor …MODERN SCIENCE has completely debunked evolution as a viable life theory. Do some research, dude.” pffhahaha #
  • wind is dropping a bit, and tide is turned. amazingly, we still have power. In related news, house still on moorings. off to bed! #
  • PhD students, postdocs & other research folk: do you have collaborators or customers? are you innovating or inventing? #
  • “@CSEconomist: Darwinists have been hiding the dirty little secrets of evolution for far too long…” what i don't even …no #
  • now imagining late-night galactic TV: "New: Dyson Sphere–only 385 yottawatts, cleans up messy asteroid debris in a jiffy!" (ht @lynneguist) in reply to lynneguist #
  • brought to you by your local Kardashev-2 dealer. #
  • jet laaaaaag. feels late here, even though the sun is still out! #

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