August 21st, 2011


Twitterlog for the week of 2011-08-21

  • Batman! (@ Luna Park Cafe) #
  • Quid Northwest, post IKEA trip (@ Ercolini Park) #
  • I would wear pretty much any of these, but I particularly like the turtles: #
  • < fascinating eigenstory with principal components: the 7 justice-leaguers. Pitch reads like an Invisibles plot. YES. #
  • Got 2.5x speedup with two upper-bound checks before costly similarity measure. Good upper-bounds DO make good nearest-neighbors. #notajoke #
  • On ground, finally, in New England. Busing up the coast tomorrow. #
  • On bus from Boston to Portland, with endearingly a-rhotic driver "Wally". "Paw't-land", perhaps. #

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