June 26th, 2011


Twitterlog for the week of 2011-06-26

  • "Fixing" Oracle's paralysis by reboot: as destructive as "fixing" Peter Parker's marriage by Faustian bargain. #badwriting #badcomics #
  • There are days (and data distributions) where I remember that Linguistics Drives you Crazy. Today is one of those days. #itsadogwhistle #
  • Ugh, I think I keep meeting these Start-up Guys http://t.co/EAaojlG
    (via @imtboo) #
  • Happy first day of summer, folks. SF, for once, isn't faking a summer: today seems to be the real thing #
  • Offering myself twitter catch-up amnesty. Anything I absolutely must see from the last 24 hours will probably come up again. #
  • Keren Ann & Abhishek Cohen. Amazing show. (@ Yoshi's Jazz Club San Francisco) http://picplz.com/dqX9 #
  • facebroke is badly booken for me right now. Looks like an Ajax problem. #soundslikeagreektragedy #morelikeafarce #
  • RT @psresnik Charniak's timeline: NLP post-statistical-revolution labeled S. Therefore pre equals, you guessed it… BS. #ohsnap #ACLthrowdown #
  • Functional-programming & linguistics people (e.g. @zoltanvarju!) should also consider following @wpmcn and his blog http://t.co/PM9WrqD #
  • Seems apt that #Turing 's 99th birthday is [two days] too early for the Pride Parade. Turing should be a martyred icon in the pride movement #
  • In "shake it baby now" and "move it!", I just told @Fritinancy that "it" is a "dummy object" (cf "weather it") Linguipeeps: is this nuts? #
  • linguistics can be absurd: "it" in "shake it baby shake it" is "dummy object" or possibly a "booger anaphor". h/t @fritinancy @linguajinks in reply to linguajinks #
  • RT @redpony 'seen in Ken Church talk: "Shannon >> Chomsky" #aclhlt11 #039; the "Church of Chomsky" (…Shannon) jokes get even more complicated #
  • I apologise [graffito, sic] (@ 22nd Street Caltrain Station) http://picplz.com/d4Bj #
  • RT @problemsdog: "Error thrown up by editorial checking script: "sense has no siblings". A sad tale" > Sense: Stepsister of rhyme & reason? #
  • wow, this is really lovely animation (via @janaremy): http://t.co/rOmjEJl #
  • Today's speaker keeps pronouncing "formant" as "fore mant", with the full [æ] vowel #crazymaking #
  • Currently annoyed with Budget Rent-a-Car, who advertise "we'll pick you up" but neglect to mention they need 48h notice. #takingthebus #
  • Congratulations New York! (and way to hold the lead, Iowa!) California, Oregon, Washington: why we left-coasters so far behind? #

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