June 19th, 2011


Twitterlog for the week of 2011-06-19

  • Typographic sculpture in Seattle (@ SAM – Olympic Sculpture Park) http://picplz.com/5BKJ #
  • Really nice to see @soypunk for lunch today. Hope I'll have more such opportunities. Nevertheless, long day & I'm knackered. #
  • anybody know how the (academic) publishing industry is organized (X owns Y, Z is a division of P, etc)? extra credit if it's linked-data. #
  • RT @gneubig: "Is the #nlproc tag because we lost the word sense disambiguation battle to the neurolinguistic programmers?" YES #yesitis #
  • Go read @LanguageLog on the instant classic Dalai Lama video. Also, WATCH THE VIDEO. http://t.co/igqD5bg #
  • RT @imtboo: "I wish google would let you share tasks lists with other people! Everything else, why not tasks?!" Me too! #
  • Scott Adams is still talking #WTF #crazypants http://t.co/Oh9bWNM via @yendi, who adds "reminder: do not be alone in a room with Adams") #
  • Watch out, sugar! Them bees ain't picking fights! (@ SRI International) http://picplz.com/5HcX #
  • That previous tweet from @eldang, one of my professional heroes. Go read his thoughts and be inspired. #
  • This Pullum @LanguageLog post has country music, semantic scoping, & a sad, sweet, nerdy, personal aside. Read it all: http://t.co/ZP89ZoK #
  • Nice article, @lintool & @haikuman! http://t.co/5qVouBF #
  • laughing out loud (literally) at the "English upgrade" article from Verity Stob (h/t @LanguageLog) #shirleyapseudonym http://t.co/jtVRgeR #

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