June 12th, 2011


Twitterlog for the week of 2011-06-12

  • Good advice; missing "make/keep friends for reality checks" MT @mergedlauren: "blunt, much [is] true. grad students: http://t.co/9GQXxeC" #
  • There should be a name for @theYesmen @BPGlobalPR & @RickSantorumPR fake-out-the-fakers reverse-astroturfing move. Name people: suggestions? #
  • Google Music beta looks spiff… and won't work AT ALL from any variety of Linux. All my music is on an Ubuntu box. #crossplatform #fail #
  • Support the right to arm bears: poor guy was outmatched by Lynnwood police guns (no dart? why not?) http://bit.ly/l1yMKV (via @JjjustIn) #
  • aaugh. They are roto-rooting the toilet in the bathroom opposite my office door. Obnoxious in all senses, and to my senses. #
  • Some kind of weird zeugma: "please use and return tongs to container" (@ SRI Cafe) http://picplz.com/gL46 #
  • RT @imtboo … who knew I was going to be *this* excited about our mini Seattle vacation?! I'm excited!!! /// me too! #
  • On light rail back to Sea-Tac to collect my parents. This town is so mellow compared to the Bay. #
  • The Husky Union Building is really … a husk. All tore up. (@ University of Washington) http://picplz.com/5XJd #
  • I look like a Medici! (@ UW: Clark Hall) http://picplz.com/5cMx #
  • Two new linguistics PhDs! (@ Husky Legends Center) http://picplz.com/5SPn #
  • Front row and center! #phd (@ Husky Stadium) http://picplz.com/5SsH #
  • Woo! Crossed the stage. The pomp is fun, if a bit ridiculous. #phd #

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