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Language Computeer
Fists of irony

Many of you know (or have inferred from my LinkedIn or Twitter updates), but let me point it out explicitly here: I’m working for this summer as a Research Linguist at SRI International, in the same STAR lab that hosted me as a Visiting Fellow while I finished my Ph.D.

It’s interesting, diverse work — I get to work with (today alone!) Arabic dialectal speech transcription, detecting (inter alia) dancing in home videos, and updating a high-performance parallel computing infrastructure.

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I’ve signed up for Bay to Breakers 2011 on Sunday. It’s the 100th Bay to Breakers race across San Francisco.  I’m in Corral C (criterion: 12km under 90 minutes), which isn’t pushing too hard.

Unfortunately, at least one of the people who was supposed to run with me is making noises about backing out (“debilitating acute medical condition”, pssshh. slacker!).  Anyone else running in Corral C and want to run with me? ping me & we’ll work out how to meet up.

The NIMBYs along the panhandle are freaking out (and invoking the need for police to “protect” us) of course, because B2B is a giant standing party all Sunday morning, and not everybody who runs is registered (or clothed! or sober!), but I’m not too worried:

Personal goal: beat the first naked guy AND the first visibly drunk guy — beating the first costumed guy is out of the question; last year one guy finished at a 7-minute-mile pace in a gorilla suit!

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