April 25th, 2010

sharp, arrow, angry

what is to be done?

Not to get all Leninist with the title above, but I just ran across this horrible Facebook group ("Wondering why people with food stamps drive escalades") via cat_whisperer.

It's bad. it's like claw-your-eyes-out raw racist crap, (very) thinly disguised in a wrapper of outrage at 'welfare recipients'. and its Facebook user icon is a picture of a dollar bill with Obama's face, surrounded by fried chicken and watermelon. And it has 25,000 facebook fans, and growing.

let me rewind that for review: there are 25,000 Facebook users who said they "like" this semiliterate racist bile.

My immediate reaction is to shudder and turn away (and to pity poor cat_whisperer who may have gotten this link from a family member), but when I think about it, it feels like that's an exercise in my own white privilege -- that I can just ignore this, like I can ignore the ambulance headed to the ER: I'm not inside it.

My second reaction is to get righteous, and try to figure out what I can do -- is this a TOS violation? can I get it shut down? but then I realize that this too is an expression of my white privilege -- and might very well make these vicious idiots into Tea-Party martyrs.

What to do?