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Language Computeer
Fists of irony
In brief:
  • 23:17 friends of @imtboo, send speedy-travel thoughts; she is on en route: Vannes á Paris á Philadelphia á San Francisco over the next 22 hours. #
  • 09:41 Bonehead Saletan at Slate rejoices(!) in increasingly invasive (& stupid, IMHO) airport collective humiliation slate.com/id/2240209/ #
  • 12:38 hooray, @imtboo 's flight has landed in the USA (30 min early!). hoping for smooth travels through customs/immigration to connecting flight. #
  • 14:56 #10yearsago I drank too much Korean sake at H1-B coworker party in snowy Ithaca; took bets on if we'd lose power at midnight (I won) #
  • 15:06 Happy new year to the peeps in Europe! #

I often use twitter to mention what's happening or linkdump. I LT here for posterity.

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