December 27th, 2009


Regarding the crotch bomber

the quality of fear-mongering is really down these days.

I mean, if there really was an even half-assed group with any serious interest in paralyzing America with fear, they'd...

well, they'd get a hapless, belligerent boob elected President for eight years, tie up the military in two simultaneous land wars in Central Asia, and buy an entire TV network to tell Americans how scared of foreigners, brown people and the War on Christmas we need to be.

right? I mean, that's been working pretty well for *those* terror-invoking thugs.

Here come the twits

In brief:
  • 21:29 Today I found Mooer's [sic] Law. Paraphrase: "sometimes users prefer ignorance because awareness is too painful". #Buddhist #infotheory #
  • 11:11 RT @gandalfar for @eldang Great commentary on Global Warming (pic) - #
  • 12:07 I have such a math-crush on Nate Silver. #
  • 17:04 listening to streaming Norwegian pop radio; despite surprisingly anglophonic phonology (plus front round vowels), I don't understand a word. #
  • 20:29 You know, Alan Turing was a bright & amazingly prolific guy; not every mention refers to the Turing Test. #icontaincomputablemultitudes #
  • 20:46 RT @wordie Enjoying delicious Wheaties this morning, I thought, why no geeks? I want Geek Wheaties! I'm not alone: / :D #

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