September 23rd, 2009



this post in support of gentrifying "cleaning up" Market street (by allowing louder signage!) actually has "Great White Way of San Francisco" (emphasis mine) on their faux-nostalgic photograph.

Paging doctor Freud, your white-privilege is showing.

a launch party for windows 7? really? is that like a wake, or more like a funeral?

not really sure where this insane marketing idea came from, but Microsoft is trying to get you to throw launch parties for Windows 7 (here it's mentioned on Mission Mission).

The video for the promotion is in the hilariously bad infomercial mode, with fake informality (three stereotypically Seattle white people, and their token black friend!), and -- right at the beginning, they remind you to install Windows 7 before the party (accompanied with "isn't that obvious" laughter). Which, of course, means this has to be a "show off the features of windows 7" party, not an install party... or a sales party, unless it's to be combined with gold parties, because it costs at a minimum $120 a pop, more likely twice that unless you want the crippled 'home' version.

Here's the funniest response I've seen: the same party planning, but s/Windows 7/[beeep]/g;.

what's mind-boggling to me is to remember that Ubuntu costs you a CD blank, or they'll mail you one free (you can re-use it), or possibly as much as $35, if you want 20 copies shipped (say, for a party).