May 29th, 2009


memorial delay weekend, birds, slowing down, and books

A belated update, just because I haven't posted in quite some time. D. and I took Memorial day weekend late -- we left Monday, and came back Wednesday night. (hah, I accidentally said "Memorial Delay Weekend" -- that's going in the subject line.)

We went to Costa Noa -- our second time there -- and took it easy. They have a delicious restaurant and a spectacular valley view, in which we saw all kinds of amazing wildlife, plant and animal.

My maternal grandma would be happy: I (re-)discovered that I like bird-spotting. I even bought myself Birds of Northern California from the lodge store, and discovered that the lodge there had both barn swallows and cliff swallows, not to mention blackbirds, jays and what ozarque calls the LBBs ("little brown birds").

It was a much-needed pause. Work, as usual, progresses, but I had gotten myself into a habit of feeling compelled to work at every free waking moment, and taking three days without computer, working cell-phone, or internet was a necessary release. It's not like we were crazy about the luxury -- we pretty much went for walks, read books, and went to nearby restaurants in Pescadero and Davenport to eat, and that was all. Good for me, good for my body, good for my marriage.

So good to take a chance to relax and read for enjoyment (Scott Pilgrim, Book 3, and the first half of The Coyote Kings of the Space-Age Bachelor Pad, both highly, highly recommended; this review of the latter comes from the "Things I Agree With" department).