May 10th, 2009

linguistics, asl

the paella dialog

this is what it's like when a linguist and a full bilingual live in the same house.

J: We have a lot of leftover rice.
D: we should make /pajelja/.
J:... what?
D: we should make /pajelja/!
J: do you mean /paeja/?
D: yeah, /pajelja/!
J: ... so, you can throw those sounds around anyway you like, as long as it starts with /pi/?
D: /pajelja/. that's how they say it in Spain.
J: really? I don't remember anybody saying it that way in Spain.
D: ... well, maybe it's Argentina.
J: Spain, or maybe Argentina.
D: well, somewhere they say /pajelja/.
J: so, what you're saying is 'somewhere in the world, I'm right.'
D: yes!