January 15th, 2009


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went out to dinner last night with boobirdsfly to meet an old lab-mate D., who now works at a major search company south of San Francisco, and his wife J., another grad student. A lot of education at that table, with a PhD, a PhC, an almost-PhC, and a future RDT/MFT all in one place. boobirdsfly spoke French with the waitress and compared notes about being française here in America; we drank a bottle of Mendocino wine, and had many small plates of delicious food.

It was lovely to just feel the sense of being connected to the city and to friends without feeling any obligation to get anywhere or get anything done. boobirdsfly was the total rock star, telling her great stories and sharing her enthusiasm for insight and all her wisdom.

Hurrah for more of that!

I am feeling 90% well; the cough I've had for more than a week is almost gone, and I'm making a point to go to bed early whenever I can.

Tomorrow boobirdsfly and I are taking off in the early afternoon to spend a long weekend at a B&B on the coast. I'm not planning to bring my laptop -- I really want to have three days of non-work before picking it all up again next week for my Seattle trip.

I've been planning my Seattle trip; the schedule is filling up, and it looks like fun. Now I only need to knock a couple of these academic items off my to-do list before tonight, so I can relax into the other things...