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Language Computeer
Fists of irony

I ran across The Daily Pangram via apollinax localcharacter today. [note: sorry apollinax, localcharacter: obviously the two of you share some handsome-and-wickedly-smart-fellow coordinates in my personal social space.]

This gave me a nudge to think again about making a handwriting font, as dkg did (his handwriting now available in Ubuntu and Debian!).

Here's what would be involved, as I see it:

  • Writing out Daily Pangram examples on lined paper.
  • Scanning them.
  • Vectorizing to SVG. (Alternatively, writing the pangrams directly to rulers on Inkscape.)
  • Using FontForge to assemble these into full-blown fonts (of at least the ASCII set).
  • building a .deb file so that it can be shared with other Debian/Ubuntu/etc
  • building a .ttf file so that it can be shared with other operating systems

This is definitely one of those "copious free time" projects, which is why I have thrown it out here, as a reminder and an aspiration.

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