October 28th, 2008


APE this weekend

November 1 and 2, Alternative Press Expo is coming to San Francisco.

http://www.comic-con.org/ape/ $10 admission, $15 for both days.

Hey, I live in San Francisco. And some of you do too -- and even more of you live a mere BART ride from the APE home at 620 7th street (7th is right alongside Civic Center, it's about 15 minutes' walk from the CC BART).

APE is awesome comics, indy art, unusual zines, pamphleteers, and other unusual artistic peeps. Yes it's a comics-con but it is not Comicon (booth babes and their slavering Comics Guy fratboy hangers-on should be substantially less, since they have left much of the superhero and hollywood-action-picture-premise crowd in San Diego).

These are the hipsters and goths and proud science-team and chess-club members of the comics world, not the jocks or the "popular kids" -- which makes them much more fun. Who wants to come hang out at the comics show?

I will definitely be going Saturday. Possibly Sunday as well, especially if I have cool people to hang with while I'm there.

Drop me a line -- or respond here -- if you're going!