October 2nd, 2008


things that matter

Four years ago on this day, I met boobirdsfly, the woman who has become my wife, in person (here's a record of it).

I am a lucky, grateful man to have this awesome woman in my life. We've moved house together (more than once now!) and gotten married, and changed jobs, and changed, and grown. She has been -- and still is -- a partner, an ally, a challenge to be the best I know myself to be, and my best friend. I am lucky.

Here's another thing that matters, as told to you by Forrest Whittaker and eight or so of his closest friends: vote, and before that, register.

and tell five of your friends.
I just moved, and haven't updated my driver's license, and I had been postponing because I thought "eh, it'll be easy to do when I get to the DMV." But I haven't gotten to the DMV, so today I made the appointment -- in Oakland, because it's available before the registration deadline.