August 29th, 2008

study, words, language

actual text diss

I dialed a wrong number with my cell phone. Voicemail picked up and it was a girl's voice so perky that I knew instantly it wasn't the number I wanted (a laidback Seattle guy). I hung up.

Ten minutes later, a text:
Hey. Who is this???
okay, I think, I should be nice.
Sorry wrong number I think. - [trochee]

Five minutes pass.
*beep* This is holly on my friends phone u keep calling me. [trochee] who??
hmm. I called once - was wrong number. Sorry.
*beep* Do u go 2 whitman??
um, this is really not the way to meet people. No. I don't know you.
*beep* Kay...what ever

yay, I got dissed by a total stranger with a text message!