August 10th, 2008


in San Francisco

I've been totally absent on this journal for some time.

boobirdsfly (D~) and I have landed in the sunniest part of San Francisco and we are busy unpacking (we have been for -what- five days now; we rented a pickup and drove over the bridge to the Emeryville IKEA the other day and we've been shucking things out of cardboard for days).

It's a little scary, here all alone-ish. Our communities in Seattle seem very far away.

New apartment is beautiful. We're both very happy with it, though we had some hiccups to work out. I'd rather there was an upstairs bathroom, but that's the price we pay for having an enormous upstairs *and* a downstairs.

I start work in the South Bay tomorrow -- I've worked out my commute, but I'm trying not to feel behind on my work -- the move has taken the time it's taken, that's just how it is.

Perhaps tomorrow on the train I'll have time to write some more.

Love to you all,
-- trochee