July 4th, 2008


[San Francisco]

Okay, D. and I have been looking for apartments in San Francisco. We're kinda sticker-shocked, of course, but we're trying to get all our information the best together we can.

And we just discovered the Nob Hill neighborhood on Craig's List. We can see that it's quite dense -- tenth and twelfth-floor apartments are common, but we've been thinking: we are moving to a big city -- density is to be expected.

So I'm just wondering: is there something we really want to avoid about that neighborhood? Is it raging full of coke fiends, or crackheads, or is it all yuppie scum? Of course, there are other districts we like too -- but the rents seem so much higher for a similar-sized apartment elsewhere, as compared to Nob Hill, at least in our range (1750-2300 or so).

Am I missing something?