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Language Computeer
Fists of irony
marnanel pointed out this story about Alexis Goggins, a little girl who jumped in front of her mom's psycho ex-boyfriend and took six bullets in the head and neck for her mom.

The good news is that she has done incredibly well, and looks to make a full recovery.

What shocks and saddens me are the comments to that story: fully half of them, apparently men and women alike, take that story (yes, the same one I described above) to blame the mom for the whole thing, apparently because it is somehow her fault for dating the conscience-deficient triggerman in the first place. Never mind that he was an ex, never mind that he jumped out of bushes and pushed his way into the car -- it's mom's fault, because she once dated him.

Madonna/whore complex much? how about a side of misogyny with that?

Current Mood: angry

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our awesome sysadmin at work just sent an announcement about a new (and as yet unsupported) piece of hardware:
Note that [widget] is not supported by me or [my staff] so please do not send problem reports/questions/etc to us. We won't be able to assist you and then we'll feel bad about it.
I love it.
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