February 29th, 2008


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Last night late I got back from $SouthBayResearchLab which is collaborating with my research group.

I was wiped out all day because we arrived late Wednesday night, I couldn't sleep well at our (cheap!) motel, and we started at 8am the next morning. But our phone call with $GermanLab went well, and we settled a number of previously-annoying technical details.

We had a lot of engaged technical discussions, and although one or two of the people at the meeting ground their personal axes [that's /ae k s ih z/, not /ae k s iy z/], $Advisor and I kept it pretty pleasant and pretty focused.

$Director liked me a lot, and I'm happy about that. $Advisor told him that I might be moving down to the Bay Area, and he asked me "how long does $Advisor have you, before you graduate?" and when I told him, he said "good, then I'll have you for a while." So it sounds good for the prospects of working at $SouthBayResearchLab while I'm finishing up. Also maybe a job at $SouthBayResearchLab is possible?

In the car back to the airport, $Advisor told me that she thought I was impressively well-prepared, and that I clearly understood and was engaged with the big ideas. "I already knew you were good, but everybody there got to see just how great you are. $Researcher was really impressed." That was really great -- especially because $Advisor is not usually very forthcoming with praise.

I missed boobirdsfly on the trip, even though it was only a day. It was nice to see her and be back. I'm still feeling tired, though, and not quite caught up on sleep. I have a lot to do -- but these are interesting questions that were raised from the trip, and definitely the beginnings of a dissertation. onward!

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