February 21st, 2008


I pack punch like a third grade field trip

The Seattle poetry slam last night was so much fun. Loud and full, and a late start, which made me (and boobirdsfly, I think) feel old. But the energy, the willingness to share the thoughts spilling one after another fast enough to hear the rhythm and feel the flow but too fast to absorb it all with the intellect!

And don't think it was only for the artsy types: the winner of the night's slam [ETA: jeremyrichards] performed "Shakespeare gets hooked on 8-bit Nintendo" for his opener, which included the Mario-classic spring to the air among Elizabethan injunctions against Bowser's wrath. [One judge sitting not far from me gave it a befuddling 5.0/10, surprising her entire table (and me) . "You must never have played Nintendo," I said. Indeed; she was born after the obsolescence of the NES.]

amazing. I think we'll be going back.
[the title is a line from Matt Gano, the featured poet.]