October 26th, 2007


Music love: Awesome ("The band")

I am a big fan of the ungoogleable Seattle musical prodigy supergroup "Awesome". (Yes, the quotes are part of the name -- see what I mean about ungoogleable?)

How can a geek like me not like a lament like "Memory Leak", played so elegantly that it reads as a metaphor for a failing relationship?

This language is lacking
In garbage collecting
So now I've got a memory leak

We need to check
The error logs 
Track down the bug
I've got a hunch
That it's here in this GOSUB 10

[clarinet break]

The machines have been drinking
From the waters of Lethe
So you can't put them back on the heap

Prayers to the Imps
And the Lords of Misrule
They answered in Lisp
And recursive calls
Now it's crashed and you lost it all

ooo... [instrumental and out]