September 30th, 2007


Twittering "Awesome"

I just got back from the "Awesome -- The Band" CD release party, which I attended with blackwingedboy (boobirdsfly was down in San Francisco).

I twitter-blogged it (read remaining bottom-to-top):

When you I call. So good. about 2 hours ago from txt
Shut up and dance: it's Awesome! about 2 hours ago from txt
CC announced a new show in Oct. I want to go: more monster cabaret gypsycore! about 3 hours ago from txt
Auer redeemed himself with sean nelson's encore. Next: circus contraption! Top hats and theremins. about 4 hours ago from txt
Half-Brothers are great. Where's their album? Jon Auer doesn't fit here: at least not yet. about 5 hours ago from txt
I just bought beehive sessions. And Delaware. And a t-shirt. I'm a fanboy. about 6 hours ago from txt
Raining. Good eve to go see Awesome's CD release party. Also: new-to-me books from library sale! about 8 hours ago from txt