September 27th, 2007


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well, updating. i've been kinda slow to do that.

Life with boobirdsfly has been good. Last weekend we were really able to relax and do nothing together, which was lovely. We're getting better at sharing with each other -- I feel like i have less practice at this (thanks for nothing, cultural masculinity!). I've especially been finding myself slowing down and relaxing more, trying to be with what's right here instead of thinking ahead to the next thing. And there's a challenge there to look at what's here, especially when it's not about "understanding" but just about experiencing. Running helps, breathing helps, meditation helps. But it's still scary sometimes.

boobirdsfly enrolled me in "Star in your own comic strip" at the Richard Hugo House (class description can be found here, scroll way down). I'm looking forward to it, though i feel like i want to start sketching again so I don't go in totally rough. Let's see, it's been... more than ten years since i did any visual art? [ETA: I should add that this idea is totally awesome and I have fantasies about starting a regular habit of comicking. But i think part of that may be that I'm not terribly enthusiastic about getting back into work right now, so other activiities sound like fun, especially when they'll take me away from daily research.]

Back to work the last week or two. I'm adding another collection of subjects to the research I'm doing. I've got two fairly large papers (the upshots of my two generals papers) to complete before writing my dissertation proposal this quarter, but that's basically it for the rest of the calendar year.

Classes began yesterday; I'm taking third-quarter French, and this quarter my teacher seems to care about speaking exclusively French; I hope she maintains that for us (last quarter, the teacher was a little sloppy: a grad form of senioritis I think). I'm actually more shy about speaking there than I was with my French family -- with them, I let go entirely of trying to be right and focused on communicating; in the class that's a little harder.