September 14th, 2007


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Back at work this week.

Maine was lovely. Absolutely beautiful, with pleasant weather, delicious food, and relaxing on the porch watching the tide: not much else required. Lovely. boobirdsfly and I travel well together; we handle new situations with grace and humor.
On our return, we reorganized the living room (new spatial arrangements! yay!) and met with our wedding photographer, who gave us a beautiful book of our photos.

On the other hand, it's been hard to be back from honeymoon, and boobirdsfly and I have been occasionally struggling with spontaneity. Rather, I've been struggling. Old patterns come back, and I haven't been choosing new ways to react to them very much. I'm probably easier to live with when I'm being surprised by new environments a lot, because I have all these habits that keep coming back.

Last night I went to mythalethe's bachelor party, which included Whirlyball in Edmonds. Think bumper-car polo. It was a total hoot, except that the steering crank gave me a blister on my left hand under my wedding ring (all the married men playing had the same thing happen!). Then we met up with the bachelorette party for caracola for the last half-hour of karaoke.

Returning to work this week I lost the notes my advisor wrote on a previous draft. I spent some time late last night looking for them at home, and then more time today looking for them at work. When I finally steeled myself to explain that I'd lost them, Advisor's response was "well, there were so many changes since that draft that I think most of those notes are probably moot anyway, and the rest are major structural changes that we've talked about, so just rewrite it." Under another circumstance, that perspective would have been quite disappointing, but in the context of losing papers, that was actually reassuring.

I think that's enough updating for now. Off home to make dinner for boobirdsfly (and blackwingedboy, who's coming to visit for the evening).