June 7th, 2007


looking a clothes horse in the mouth

two unrelated things tied by a clever title:

I had my followup dentist's appointment today to put in the crown they built for me, but it's too small and they have to send it back for a rebuild. Luckily I'm not being charged for that (I've been charged enough!), but I have to go back again next week. I'm surprisingly not stressed about it, which is nice -- dentist visits have been stressful for me but not today.

I got my suit for the wedding last week with some help from blackwingedboy. Can't say much about it (boobirdsfly and I are keeping just that one thing secret from each other), but I think it's pretty spiffy. Still need shoes, and some tailoring. blackwingedboy and I are going downtown to do the tailoring and to look for a suit for him as well (and you never know whether I'll find an even cooler one when I'm there...). Also on this topic, Tuesday (which I took off from work), I talked boobirdsfly into going clothes-shopping with me downtown. That's fun -- for her, and for me. We were able to find lots of new clothes for me (including a new pair of shoes) that make me feel handsome and fit... and I realized that I'm really a small, as often as I'm a medium. I'm a skinny guy. Wearing shirts that don't hang on me like a tent? needs to be a small. And I feel good in them!