April 19th, 2007


some random links from my del.icio.us and elsewhere

For the computer geeks:
Feisty Fawn released today.

For the webcomics fans or fans of the 'teens (think American black jazz singer woman goes to Europe, as written by a Finn): Goldenbird.

If your historical tastes run even older (Roman Empire?): SPQR Blues, a Brothers and Sisters soap-opera in the Roman Empire.

For the manga/anime fans -- there's a comic by Miyazaki here (scroll down), though I haven't downloaded it.

For the political comics fan, who's tired of hearing about how "there's no sexism in comics!" (yes, for those of you who don't follow the online comics world, a huge number of fanboys actually think that spandex comics aren't sexist): Karen Healey's Anti-feminist Backlash Bingo, which could easily be adapted to "the American media aren't racist" etc etc.

if you're more about the math and physics: Superpositional Chess (and if you want to play it, find me when i have two weeks free some time).

A blog that seems right up my alley, despite the absence of offspring: GeekDad. Probably would be fun for you geek moms too :)